Anonymous asked: What are some good online stores to shop at to clothes like this??

First of all, Monomania’s webshop.

Then you can always combine several brands and get a similar result. Or simply check brands which might look similar to Monomania’s style.

Anonymous asked: what's the difference between monomania, yaponskii and yaponstee?

MONOMANIA is the name of the store. Yaponskii and yaponstee are brands. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can I buy clothes from monomania's web shop even if I live in Europe? And if I can, how do I do it? (I don't understand japanese good)

Hi! Ofc you can. Follow these 3 steps.

  1. monomania’s rakuten shop
  2. subscription to a japanese forwarding service
  3. someone to help you with japanese, in case your knowledge is insufficient. If you visit the japanese site first, the products you’ve viewed will appear in your browsing history on global rakuten as well. Both ways are good, I guess.

I’ve never tried to shop this way, so I can’t give you any further tip. If you have trouble while processing, you can still contact us and we could figure it out. Good Luck ~ 

Anonymous asked: thankyou :) what is "select store"? thanks :D

Anytime! It’s one store selling different brands :)

Anonymous asked: do you know other japan labels like monomania??

Maybe galaxxxy and Super Lovers are more pop editions of Monomania. If you want to be less pink and pop then Hellcat Punks might work for you. I can’t come up with more brands at the moment, but keep in mind that Monomania is just a select store. :)  

Anonymous asked: what sizes does monomania manage? sorry for my bad english ;_;

if you have trouble converting sizes, depending on what country you shop from, you can always consult a size chart or a conversion table(note: I linked you women’s sizing, there’s another link in the site for men’s sizing). But if you will to shop from Monomania, they usually have detailed measurements of the cloth so don’t worry :) 

onestronkdeer asked: how can i find monomania on rakuten ? i can't find them ==


nekoiland asked: Could you tell me your tracked tags? :)

I only track ‘monomania’. 99% of the posts on this blog are posted by us, so we don’t really reblog from others unless it’s a rare picture or source.

nocturnal-struggle asked: heyy .// your blog is amizing can i know if the store on those pics have a site? or do they do shipping?

Thank you! Here are the links.

moonlightkingdom asked: do you know if i can find the BOY cap anywhere online? :)

BOY Cap ( )