honehonehoney asked: (Cont. from previous ask) Other stuff like the spike necklaces and bracelets, the galaxy cat shirt (and other galaxy shirts in general) can easily be found on ebay (srsly people, ebay is your friend) Eyeball accessories are pretty popular lately too. Also a lot of their simpler stuff seems pretty easy to DIY, just buy some oversized shirts and spikes or chains and pearls to make necklaces and get inspired! Monomania seems mostly to be about having fun with your clothes after all. :p

Exactly! Everything is about inspiration. You might end up crafting something better!!

Anonymous asked: how do you feel about people editing your pictures? are you fine with it if it's credited?

It is absolutely fine to edit our pictures as long as they are credited. But you can always submit your edits or other posts here

x-efflorescence-deactivated2013 asked: i love all the clothing but it's so expensive :c

We know  p(´⌒`。q)

powderedvinegar asked: I saw someone else asking about buying items from the Monomania website, and I'd like to point out that we overseas buyers can use a shopping service.

True! But that’s when you use Rakuten. I’m not really sure if it’s possible to do so through the official webstore. I think it’s for Japan exclusively. 

brokenishin asked: Haha, let's all together do an E-Mail SPAM to get a European Monomania-Store! :D

It could work ~ 

brokenishin asked: Why don't you start opening Monomania-Stores in Europe? Everybody over here is looking for such awsome clothing! :D

I wish I had the power to do it!!! Maybe an email spam at the company would work. 

shineelove5 asked: really like your blog, omo all those clothes <3 I wish there were shops like that in my country, it would be just paradise^^

Thank you very much!!! We wish Monomania had stores in Europe as well :) 

shineelove5 asked: hello..I'm from Latvia, wanted to ask if there's a place where I could order these pants(in internet) ^^ /post/22961805426

I found the pants on Osaka’s official webstore. Unfortunately, not all products are available on Monomania’s Rakuten shop, so it can be harder for you to have them shipped overseas via Osaka’s webstore. 

Anonymous asked: What are some good online stores to shop at to clothes like this??

First of all, Monomania’s webshop.

Then you can always combine several brands and get a similar result. Or simply check brands which might look similar to Monomania’s style.

Anonymous asked: what's the difference between monomania, yaponskii and yaponstee?

MONOMANIA is the name of the store. Yaponskii and yaponstee are brands.